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Is it better to warn someone that they are doing something that could get them hurt, and look like an asshole, or just sit back and let them do what they will?

Granted, if I had been hurt in a car accident as a result of doing something stupid, it would somewhat behoove me to warn others not to do the same stupid thing. But what if the person knew what caused the accident, yet did the same stupid thing with the idea that “it will be different for me”?

Better to assume they don’t realize, or to assume they do know better, and are making a conscious choice?

If the latter, I’m sorry, but I do hope it works out for you. Just don’t look to me for sympathy when you run into the wall.

Patterns tend to repeat themselves. 

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  1. mjkep
    June 20, 2013 at 11:42 am

    As a rule but never an easy choice I would have to (albeit somewhat cliche) go with your gut. It is far better to provide guidance/wisdom wherever possible, especially if you have nothing but the best intentions.
    To add some personal insight and transparency, until I turned 27 I still practiced drinking. The key word is practice. I failed immensely. During the practice years I cannot count how many friends told me I shouldn’t drink and yet it took a personal decision to seek help and never look back. That was 21 years ago. Simply put, with the best of intentions friends tried to help but it had fallen on deaf ears until I was ready.
    I wish you all the best but with caution knowing up front it may not be well received. Then again…

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