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June 20, 2013 1 comment

Is it better to warn someone that they are doing something that could get them hurt, and look like an asshole, or just sit back and let them do what they will?

Granted, if I had been hurt in a car accident as a result of doing something stupid, it would somewhat behoove me to warn others not to do the same stupid thing. But what if the person knew what caused the accident, yet did the same stupid thing with the idea that “it will be different for me”?

Better to assume they don’t realize, or to assume they do know better, and are making a conscious choice?

If the latter, I’m sorry, but I do hope it works out for you. Just don’t look to me for sympathy when you run into the wall.

Patterns tend to repeat themselves. 

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This morning I woke up to find an email from a very unexpected source, giving me some sad news.

I have spoken frequently regarding my online life, and the relationships I have built here. I routinely refer to people as “friends” regardless of the fact that I may have never met them, or even held a conversation with them verbally.

At some point along the way, we made a mutual decision to share some portion of our lives with each other, which is a pretty fundamental definition of being friends with someone to my way of thinking.

Having prefaced this, Yari, you were a friend, and you will be missed. I knew less about you than some, but more than I know about some of the people I see and interact with on a daily basis.

I cannot put it as well as some, and it undoubtedly hit many harder than me. Still, the loss is felt. I distinctly recall some very memorable exchanges on Twitter, and she frequently brightened our timelines with her art, music, and discussions of pantslessness, pillow forts, and her love for her parents.  The title of this post is a relic of one of those exchanges, and an inside joke that we shared.

She shipped us cookies, fresh baked, to Canada. She gave Carmen access to her Netflix to cheer her up during a difficult time.  None of this may seem like much if you didn’t know her, but trying to put things into text doesn’t do her justice.

Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica

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